Handmade Mini Crochet Green Cactus

Handmade Mini Crochet Green Cactus

Handmade Mini Crochet Green Cactus

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Crochet Artificial Handmade Plants and Flowers

1.   Very light weight


As these flowers are made up of threads, they are lightweight and have a real touch .they feel like a soft and silky on your hands.



2.         Unique


These flower pots are unique and enhance the beauty of your drawing or living room.


·      Handmade


All flower pots are purely made by hand and each of one is given a personal touch especially for you.


·      Made in India


We can say that we are working for our country by making these home décor product inIndia. You can contribute to make in India campaign by using products which are made in India.


3.         Customizable according to your needs


Each of our flower design can be customized according to your needs. Just give us your choice and we will do for you.


4.         Washable


All our flowers are made by strong thread which can withstand water and dust. You can wash them with water and can again use them as long as you want.



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