Wooden Cherry Earring and Necklace Holder - Walnut

Wooden Cherry Earring and Necklace Holder - Walnut

Wooden Cherry Earring and Necklace Holder - Walnut

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Wood Color: Walnut

Material: Wood

Type: Earring Display rack

Slot spacing: 2.5" to 3";

Capacity: up to 96 pairs and Necklace, Double Sided

Right Earring and Necklace with right Dress

Every time you keep searching for a matching earring or necklace, you always think of arranging them . This wooden Earring/necklace holder is a perfect fit for you. it easily manages your all types of earrings as well as necklaces in a single place .


Occupy Less space

It's difficult to manage a drawer full of earrings or a box full of necklace. why not keep your earrings and necklaces in this wooden earring/necklace holder which holds your earrings and necklace in a vertical position and occupy very less space in your cupboard or dressing table .

Beauty of Wood

In our modern world a lot of man-made substitutes try to come near to wood, but wood is the only material that transcends utility and transforms a product from merely functional to beautiful. No matter how hard others try to make their vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass products look like wood, they are never able to equal its elegance; even a casual observer instinctively knows when they are looking at β€œthe real thing.”

Where are my Clutches

Going for a party with a perfect dress and matching earrings is a dream for every lady . what if you do not find a clutch for you matching earring . this wooden earring holder is best to hold earrings with its clutches . next time you just have to pull your dress and match with you earrings .

Enough space between two levels

Wooden earring holder can accommodate your longest earring as well as your longest necklace. you do not have to keep your long or small earrings in a different boxes . this wooden earring holder is a perfect item for holding all your earrings at one place .

Money Saver

Every time you dressed up and look for earrings or necklace in your hap hazard box, you think of buying a new one . this wooden earring/necklace holder will show you all your earrings and necklaces at one place and will save you a lot of bucks .

Quality Productwooden-earring-holder-peruvianwalnut-96-1.jpg

This handmade wall mounted earring and necklace holder is made up from quality wood and coated with liquid beeswax to protect against dryness and give shine. Also ideal for necklaces, Studs, Wires, Clip-on, Loops, Hoops, Bracelets, Rings.


This holder gives plenty of hanging space to the pieces of jewelry with 2” to 3” inch space between two slates and area wise will not take your too much dresser space. It can hold up to 40 pairs in total.

How Earring Fits

The slots are just the right size for earrings to slip into so that they fit snug and secure with no wiggle or chance of them falling out. Just slide them over the slot and they'll fall right in.

Studs can be put in the slots or the holes. If you put them in the slots, you don't need to remove the backings to put them on. The slats are thin enough to put stud earrings on without removing the backings and most earrings will fit in both the slots and the holes. If it fits on your ear it will fit here.

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