ChoosePick Crochet Handmade Multi color Fabric Round Hoops Earring for Women

ChoosePick Crochet Handmade Multi color Fabric Round Hoops Earring for Women

ChoosePick Crochet Handmade Multi color Fabric Round Hoops Earring for Women

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Crochet Multi Color Traditional statement Earring


1.   Very light weight


As these earrings are made up of threads, they are lightweight and have a feather touch. They feel like soft and silky on your skin.


·      Easy to wear


With a hook to hang these earrings are very easy to wear on any occasion


·      Do not irritate


Many metal earrings irritate skin and this leads to pain and creates redness. All this happens due to heavy metal earrings. This crochet earring solves all your problems of skin irritation and as they are lightweight they are good for your ears.


2.         Designer


·      Traditional design


These earrings are design by keeping our traditional Indian designs in mind. When you wear them, you will feel a touch of tradition with them


·      Traditional art


These earring are made by using traditional art and craft by people.


·      Handmade


All earrings are purely made by hand and each of one is given a personal touch specially for you .


·      Made in india


We can say that we are working for our country by making these earrings in india. You can contribute to make in india campaign by using products which are made in india .


3.         Customisable according to your needs


Each of our earrings can be customized according to your needs . each color and each bead can be customized . just give us your choice and we will do for you .


4.         Washable


All our earrings are made by strong thread which can withstand water and dust. You can wash them with water and can again use them as long as you want.


5.         Style statement


Each earring is a style statement in itself. Just wear it in a party or wear it in office, you always feel you have something unique to wear.



How to choose Earrings for an event


6.         If you are going to a formal event, your earrings should be elegant and sophisticated. Drop or small hoop earrings are perfect for that glamorous look.



7.        if you are planning earrings for office you can wear studs earrings which are having minimal look .


8. Party or informal attire will attract that huge, hoop, or pom pom type of earrings.



How to choose Earrings with your outfits


9.  Whenever you wear your cloths, have a look at minor colors available in any pattern, based on that you can wear that type of earrings.


10.  For solid color clothing’s you can have complementary colors. See chart below:



Which Earrings fit your face?


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