Bamboo Seeds

Bamboo Seeds

Bamboo Seeds

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How to grow from Seeds
Firstly you need to prepare your growing medium. Good quality general purpose compost is most successful when germinating bamboo seed.

Fill your chosen pot or tray with compost and moisten it with water. Simply cover the top of your pot with a clear plastic bag held in place with an elastic band.

Soak your seeds in two parts cold water and one part boiling water for 24 hours. Cooler temperatures however, will not hurt the seeds, but may delay germination by a few days.

Place your propagator in a location where it will get medium shade. NOTE: Wherever you put it, it should not get too much direct sun, even a mini greenhouse can quickly get up to seed killing temperatures in hot direct sun. You may see a sprout within 10 days from planting, though the bulk of germination will occur after at least 15 or 20 days.


Different species have different germination rates, so don't get disappointed too soon. After about 30 days, most of the seeds that are going to sprout with this method will have done so. 

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