Banyan Seeds Bonsai Seeds

Banyan Seeds Bonsai Seeds

Banyan Seeds Bonsai Seeds

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How to grow from Seeds

Description: Banyan tree is a huge, evergreen tree with very extensive branches. its leaves are long, broad, oval, glossy and has many aerial roots. The leaves are broad, oval and glossy.

Pour 6 inches of potting soil into the bottom section of the pot. Use fingers to even out and lightly pack the soil. Once it is set, dig a 2-inch hole into the top center of the potting soil.

Place a Banyan tree seed into the hole that you have just created in the potting soil. Cover the seed entirely, but do not tightly pack the soil over it.

Pour the water into a glass. Scoop up some of the water with your hand and gently flick the water over the seed implanted in the soil. Do this several times until the soil is moist, but not soaked. Pouring the water directly from the glass over the seed may displace it or drown it.

Check the soil every day, making sure to keep it moist. After a week you will see tiny green shoots starting to poke out of the soil. Once the tree seedling is 3 inches to 4 inches tall, it is ready to be transplanted outside.

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