Calendula flower Seeds

Calendula flower Seeds

Calendula flower Seeds

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What is calendula?

Calendula is flower from marigold family. They are popular annuals in Indian gardens.


Where to Grow Calendula?

Calendulas are shade tolerant plant and can be grown at places where sun shines only for 3 – 4 hr a day. It can be your window sill, patio, porch etc. also as these flowers are having a beautiful front face, they are more suitable for front face position.

When to grow calendula?

1.      Timing
Direct sow in early spring (around the end of February) and continue to sow until early summer for fall flowers. Calendula is easiest from direct sowing, but can also be started indoors late February to mid-March for transplanting in April.

2.      Growing
Calendula grows easily in any regular garden soil. Keep plants watered, but try to avoid overhead watering.

How long calendula takes to grow?

Calendulas take around 45 – 60 days (i.e. around 8 weeks) from seed to flower. At maturity plant height can be around 20 -24 inches and width around 10 – 12 inches.

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